JNJ Solutions Limited - Your productivity in mind
JNJ Solutions Ltd is in position to supply a comprehensive service  to our clients.
These services include:
1.            Maintenance and repair of all make and model  of scales with parts still available.
2.            As a MAPSS accredited company we are able to verify to trade standards all approved
               Class  II scales to the capacity of 10Kg, approved Class III scales to 3000Kg and
               we can  now offer certification of class Y (a) and Y (b) automatic conveyor  
               and wrapping machines also we can arrange for all other weighbridges,
               scales/ balances outside this criteria to be verified/certified. (accreditation No.  69.0)
3.            Maintenance, certification and repair of most models of metal detector,  temperature
               and humidity probe, thermometer and pressure gauge.
Utilising our comprehensive service contract system, you will be entitled to our best hourly rates along with documentation for all equipment serviced. This will allow you to cost effectively manage your quality control and traceability of your process.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
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